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2008-12-01 23:41:27 by LacrimosaMuse

for those of you who have red the captions to each of my songs, you'll notice that there's kind of a link between each of them, i think its time i clear up said link and get some opinions when i can.
1. Most of the songs I've written are what I invision to be background music to a story I've been thinking up.
2. Each and every one of these songs serves a greater purpose: Judecca Theme and Variations, a piece I've been working on since I first started the origional song to this set. This final piece will feature the core melody/harmony of each of the other songs in a true Classical theme and variations-type setup.
3. These songs will also appear briefly in the different movements of my first symphony, Niburu. (And no, this isnt some 3 minute long song that i just call a symphony, the first movement is about halfway done and im pushing 12 minutes.)


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2008-12-18 17:15:32

Nice, I never have the concentration/inspiration to come up with 12 minutes of interesting music xD. 5 minutes is just about my max I'd say.

I'm headed off to check em' out now.