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very very good

I've gotta say, you did extremely well while using a simplistic theme. Keep up the good work

CowboyNinja responds:

Thanks a bunch!
Im hoping to do something alot more technical in my next flash. So yeah, keep an eye out for it and thanks alot for your review. :)


i had a bit of a chuckle at it, but other than that not even close to being good, try to be funnier next time

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not too shabby

the game wasnt incredibly interesting at first, and there were a few times when a black star would come and kill me before i got a chance to move. it seems like a classic internet game, not bad, but not amazing

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wat program did you use to write this? Im assuming its just an incredibly realistic sound engine, but if it is done on computer, ive gotta get this program


FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC DO NOT MAKE THIS INTO A DnB OR TECHNO SONG. This is one of the few piano songs that I've heard that i could listen to for the next year and not get tired of outside of a House soundtrack. If anything, make a piano Concerto out of this. I might just be saying that because im more into orchestrals than solo instrumentals, but nonetheless, this has potential beyond anything else on Newgrounds Ive heard so far.

broove responds:

I'll propably leave it as it is.
Thanks for listening ;)
And a review

could use some work

the endings of the phrases could definatly have rang out more, the pan flute in the beginning for instance was too sticatto on its last note. You also kinda dragged the ending on a bit too long. Another suggestion, not so much about the notes or rythems, but about the song itself, is that alot of people nowadays are doing covers and this didnt exactly bring anything new to the table. I dont want to sound like a dick when i say that but you have to admit, theres alot of covers to this song on newgrounds alone

Legatoblue4 responds:

Lol, the "pan flute" is the original from the game so everything else you claim i will ignore. Plus, nothing is original anymore but I can still enjoy what I make. Lastly, I made this for my beloved, not newgrounds. But thanks for the review ^ ^

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