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2009-03-16 21:46:53 by LacrimosaMuse

So after a few months, I've finally been able to get Itunes, Finale, and Traktor working properly. This means that I'll now be able to post new music for the 3 of you that leave me comments and what not. I'll be posting atleast three songs tonight and will likely replace some of the songs I have up with the newer versions. As a vent of my fustration, I'd like to share that Microsoft told me that the problems I've been having with my computer were likely "hardware problems caused by misuse or abuse". I finally got around to calling Apple's technical support and asking them why iTunes wasnt working properly. They had the decency to guide me through what needed to be done to download the 10+ upgrades that the guys at Microsoft didn't even mention, and that the Windows Updater failed to recognize....I'm saving up money for a Mac


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2009-03-17 15:55:14

ahh the good ol battle of pc v.s. mac..

I am personally a pc person in my general life
but if I had the money to spare i would sooo get a mac for my music and film making cuz all the pc has done for me in that area is piss me off lately lol

LacrimosaMuse responds:

same here. Half the time its not just about what pisses me off about the computer though. I'm not exactly the most knowledgeable person when it comes to these kinds of things, so I'm usually asking other people for help, and when it comes to technical support like what just happened to me, Apple is definatly the way to go.