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Posted by LacrimosaMuse - July 17th, 2009

All of those who have seen the new Transformers movie: Rise of the Fallen, it's an extremely good movie in my opinion....however.......while i was getting the soundtrack (one song stuck out to me so i decided to go ahead and get the whole cd for the price of none) i noticed an oddity........ Precious Cargo, one of the songs on said soundtrack is extremely similar to my Battle at Mount Megiddo song......like really really similar. His song is actually a version that I contemplated for my final version, but took out due to how badly the origional sound engine produced choir sounds. You can look up the song yourself on YouTube or whatever means you choose. Im not saying its copyright infringement or anything, just bullshit

Posted by LacrimosaMuse - March 16th, 2009

So after a few months, I've finally been able to get Itunes, Finale, and Traktor working properly. This means that I'll now be able to post new music for the 3 of you that leave me comments and what not. I'll be posting atleast three songs tonight and will likely replace some of the songs I have up with the newer versions. As a vent of my fustration, I'd like to share that Microsoft told me that the problems I've been having with my computer were likely "hardware problems caused by misuse or abuse". I finally got around to calling Apple's technical support and asking them why iTunes wasnt working properly. They had the decency to guide me through what needed to be done to download the 10+ upgrades that the guys at Microsoft didn't even mention, and that the Windows Updater failed to recognize....I'm saving up money for a Mac

Posted by LacrimosaMuse - December 1st, 2008

for those of you who have red the captions to each of my songs, you'll notice that there's kind of a link between each of them, i think its time i clear up said link and get some opinions when i can.
1. Most of the songs I've written are what I invision to be background music to a story I've been thinking up.
2. Each and every one of these songs serves a greater purpose: Judecca Theme and Variations, a piece I've been working on since I first started the origional song to this set. This final piece will feature the core melody/harmony of each of the other songs in a true Classical theme and variations-type setup.
3. These songs will also appear briefly in the different movements of my first symphony, Niburu. (And no, this isnt some 3 minute long song that i just call a symphony, the first movement is about halfway done and im pushing 12 minutes.)

Posted by LacrimosaMuse - November 5th, 2008

Well, im a romantic composer looking for a future in film score writing. I hope to one day work alongside Immediate Music composers and hear my songs play in epic sagas and battle scenes. if anyone has any information on how to obtain the goals, please let me know